Import metadata (i.e., data dictionary) into a project. Because of this method's destructive nature, it works for only projects in Development status.

  verbose = TRUE,
  config_options = NULL



The base::data.frame() to be imported into the REDCap project. Required.


The URI (uniform resource identifier) of the REDCap project. Required.


The user-specific string that serves as the password for a project. Required.


A boolean value indicating if messages should be printed to the R console during the operation. The verbose output might contain sensitive information (e.g. PHI), so turn this off if the output might be visible somewhere public. Optional.


A list of options to pass to httr::POST() method in the 'httr' package. See the details in redcap_read_oneshot() Optional.


Currently, a list is returned with the following elements:

  • success: A boolean value indicating if the operation was apparently successful.

  • status_code: The http status code of the operation.

  • outcome_message: A human readable string indicating the operation's outcome.

  • field_count: Number of fields imported.

  • elapsed_seconds: The duration of the function.

  • raw_text: If an operation is NOT successful, the text returned by REDCap. If an operation is successful, the raw_text is returned as an empty string to save RAM.


The official documentation can be found on the 'API Help Page' and 'API Examples' pages on the REDCap wiki. If you do not have an account for the wiki, please ask your campus REDCap administrator to send you the static material.


Will Beasley


if (FALSE) { # Please don't run this example without changing the token to # point to your server. It could interfere with our testing suite. uri <- "" token <- "457C24AB91B7FCF5B1A7DA67E70E24C7" # Read in the dictionary in R's memory from a csv file. ds_to_write <- readr::read_csv( file = system.file( "test-data/project-simple/simple-metadata.csv", package = "REDCapR" ), col_types = readr::cols(.default = readr::col_character()) ) ds_to_write # Import the dictionary into the REDCap project REDCapR::redcap_metadata_write( ds = ds_to_write, redcap_uri = uri, token = token ) }