Exports the data set of a report created on a project's 'Data Exports, Reports, and Stats' page.

  raw_or_label = "raw",
  raw_or_label_headers = "raw",
  export_checkbox_label = FALSE,
  col_types = NULL,
  guess_type = TRUE,
  guess_max = 1000L,
  verbose = TRUE,
  config_options = NULL



The URI (uniform resource identifier) of the REDCap project. Required.


The user-specific string that serves as the password for a project. Required.


A single integer, provided next to the report name on the report list page. Required.


A string (either 'raw' or 'label') that specifies whether to export the raw coded values or the labels for the options of multiple choice fields. Default is 'raw'.


A string (either 'raw' or 'label' that specifies for the CSV headers whether to export the variable/field names (raw) or the field labels (label). Default is 'raw'.


specifies the format of checkbox field values specifically when exporting the data as labels. If raw_or_label is 'label' and export_checkbox_label is TRUE, the values will be the text displayed to the users. Otherwise, the values will be 0/1.


A readr::cols() object passed internally to readr::read_csv(). Optional.


A boolean value indicating if all columns should be returned as character. If false, readr::read_csv() guesses the intended data type for each column. Ignored if col_types is not null.


A positive integer passed to readr::read_csv() that specifies the maximum number of records to use for guessing column types.


A boolean value indicating if messages should be printed to the R console during the operation. The verbose output might contain sensitive information (e.g. PHI), so turn this off if the output might be visible somewhere public. Optional.


A list of options to pass to POST method in the httr package. See the details below. Optional.


Currently, a list is returned with the following elements:

  • data: An R base::data.frame() of the desired records and columns.

  • success: A boolean value indicating if the operation was apparently successful.

  • status_code: The http status code of the operation.

  • outcome_message: A human readable string indicating the operation's outcome.

  • elapsed_seconds: The duration of the function.

  • raw_text: If an operation is NOT successful, the text returned by REDCap. If an operation is successful, the raw_text is returned as an empty string to save RAM.


The full list of configuration options accepted by the httr package is viewable by executing httr::httr_options(). The httr package and documentation is available at https://cran.r-project.org/package=httr.


The official documentation can be found on the 'API Help Page' and 'API Examples' pages on the REDCap wiki (i.e., https://community.projectredcap.org/articles/456/api-documentation.html and https://community.projectredcap.org/articles/462/api-examples.html). If you do not have an account for the wiki, please ask your campus REDCap administrator to send you the static material.


Will Beasley


if (FALSE) { uri <- "https://bbmc.ouhsc.edu/redcap/api/" token <- "9A81268476645C4E5F03428B8AC3AA7B" report_1_id <- 5980L report_2_id <- 6431L # Return all records and all variables. ds_1a <- REDCapR::redcap_report( redcap_uri = uri, token = token, report_id = report_1_id )$data # Specify the column types. col_types_1 <- readr::cols( record_id = readr::col_integer(), height = readr::col_double(), health_complete = readr::col_integer(), address = readr::col_character(), ethnicity = readr::col_integer() ) ds_1b <- REDCapR::redcap_report( redcap_uri = uri, token = token, report_id = report_1_id, col_types = col_types_1 )$data # Return condensed checkboxes Report option: # "Combine checkbox options into single column of only the checked-off # options (will be formatted as a text field when exported to # stats packages)" col_types_2 <- readr::cols( record_id = readr::col_integer(), race = readr::col_character() ) ds_2 <- REDCapR::redcap_report( redcap_uri = uri, token = token, report_id = report_2_id, col_types = col_types_2 )$data }