List users authorized for a project.

  verbose = TRUE,
  config_options = NULL,
  handle_httr = NULL



The uri/url of the REDCap server typically formatted as "". Required.


The user-specific string that serves as the password for a project. Required.


A boolean value indicating if messages should be printed to the R console during the operation. The verbose output might contain sensitive information (e.g. PHI), so turn this off if the output might be visible somewhere public. Optional.


A list of options passed to httr::POST(). See details at httr::httr_options(). Optional.


The value passed to the handle parameter of httr::POST(). This is useful for only unconventional authentication approaches. It should be NULL for most institutions. Optional.


  • data_user: A tibble::tibble() of all users associated with the project. One row represents one user.

  • data_user_form: A tibble::tibble() of permissions for users and forms. One row represents a unique user-by-form combination.

  • success: A boolean value indicating if the operation was apparently successful.

  • status_codes: A collection of http status codes, separated by semicolons. There is one code for each batch attempted.

  • outcome_messages: A collection of human readable strings indicating the operations' semicolons. There is one code for each batch attempted. In an unsuccessful operation, it should contain diagnostic information.

  • elapsed_seconds: The duration of the function.


Documentation in REDCap 8.4.0

This method allows you to export the list of users for a project,
including their user privileges and also email address, first name,
and last name.

Note: If the user has been assigned to a user role, it will return
the user with the role's defined privileges.


# \dontrun{
uri      <- ""
token    <- "06DEFB601F9B46847DAA9DF0CFA951B4"
result   <- REDCapR::redcap_users_export(redcap_uri=uri, token=token)
#> The REDCap users were successfully exported in 0.1 seconds.  The http status code was 200.
#> # A tibble: 2 × 32
#>   username        email          firstname lastname expiration data_access_group
#>   <chr>           <chr>          <chr>     <chr>    <date>     <chr>            
#> 1 unittestphifree wibeasley@hot… Unit Test PHI Free NA         daga             
#> 2 wbeasleya       william-beasl… Will      Beasley… NA         NA               
#> # ℹ 26 more variables: data_access_group_id <chr>, design <lgl>, alerts <dbl>,
#> #   user_rights <lgl>, data_access_groups <lgl>, reports <lgl>,
#> #   stats_and_charts <lgl>, manage_survey_participants <lgl>, calendar <lgl>,
#> #   data_import_tool <lgl>, data_comparison_tool <lgl>, logging <lgl>,
#> #   file_repository <lgl>, data_quality_create <lgl>,
#> #   data_quality_execute <lgl>, api_export <lgl>, api_import <lgl>,
#> #   mobile_app <lgl>, mobile_app_download_data <lgl>, record_create <lgl>, …
#> # A tibble: 2 × 4
#>   username        form_name    permission_id permission
#>   <chr>           <chr>                <int> <fct>     
#> 1 unittestphifree demographics             1 edit_form 
#> 2 wbeasleya       NA                      NA unknown   
# }